Thursday, 3 April 2008

Chapter Eight

Bead Sampler and Bead Edging Sampler

Sequin and Covered Bead Samplers

The Sequin Sampler has been further developed to make it into a cushion cover


Vivien said...

Hello Alison,
You kindly left a message on my blog back in February and here I am, in April, just now replying! I’m usually so rude or ungracious and I do apologize for my tardiness.

Unfortunately I am too easily lured away from my coursework by other things I like to work on. Plus, just life itself and everyday events with family etc seems to get in the way of buckling down to work. Lately I have been completing a series of purses; it was enjoyable seeing how many different styles I could come up with, from my original design pattern. Now I have that out of my system (almost) I’m ready to focus on coursework again.

I have enjoyed looking at your blogs. Super Dorset buttons – what a nice variety, and your stitched spirals are lovely. Your musings are fun to read too!

Please stay in touch – I promise I’ll reply sooner next time.

Vivien said...

Oops! that should read I'm 'NOT' usually so rude.

ANNA said...

Hi - Thanks for the message re attending Urchfont exhibition. Please make yourself known to me when we are there - I too studied with Sian and its great to meet up with other students. Regards ANNA nowicki