Sunday, 24 February 2008

Chapter Seven

Simple Button Making

Buttons made with Shop Bought Plastic Forms

Buttons made with Hand Made Forms

Chapter Six

Simple Tassels

Three Tassels, Same Thread,

Different Amounts of Wrapping on Skirts

Knotted Head Tassels

Whipped Necks

Embroidered Heads

Bead Heads

Super Tassel

Chapter Five

Cord making

Chapter Four

Decorating Fabric With Stitchery

Hand Stitchery

Machine Stitchery

(More machine Stitchery to be added)

Chapter Three

Fabric & Threads

Man-made/shop bought goodies for the Module

Hand Dyed fabrics

Monoprinting onto Fabrics

Chapter Two

Design Work

Spiral "Warm-Up" Exercises


Hand Coloured Papers

Simple Two-Dimentional Shapes

(No photographs at the moment)

Three-Dimentional Spirals Using Corrugated Card

Designs Using Monoprinting Method

Spiral Drawings using a Computer Paint Programme

Saturday, 9 February 2008

Chapter One

Theme of Module

Man-Made Spirals

Collection of Images based on the Theme

Research for Accessories Idea